End to End IP services


We act as your own IP Cell and perform all IP related functions across the board. This includes-

  • Legal IP Filling - Facilitating legal IP filing for Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Registered Designs, Plant Varieties and Geographical Indications, through renowned IP Attorneys.
  • Awareness & Training in IP – We have organised over 100 programmes, in collaboration with the Ministry of Medium and Small Scale Enterprises, raising awareness of the importance of IPR in India.
  • IP Watch - A unique tracking service that tracks worldwide developments in the client’s specific technological area. This helps the client to be completely updated with all the work going on the world over in his technological area.
  • Infringement Validation Report of the product versus live patent in relevant jurisdiction. These are compared with the features of the products to ascertain infringement possibilities.
  • Comprehensive Report on the Invalidation/ Workaround of the Patent. A comprehensive report is then prepared on the possible revocation/invalidation of the patent. Work- arounds to the patent are also suggested as in how to overcome the infringing aspect of the technology. This input helps the client to make the right strategic move.
  • Technical Enhancement & Prototyping - From concept through final design, Sanshadow provides services that convert an idea into reality at a reasonable cost. We welcome projects in various stages of development, from basic concepts to complete designs that require customization for the Indian market. We specialize in products for automotive industry, home appliances, white goods, lighting and electronics products, medical/surgical industry, fitness equipment, Oil & Petroleum Industries, Defence & aeronautic industries.
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