We extract Patents from your manufacturing facilities and R&D


Patented technologies can be commercialised and used to generate revenue for the inventors. We help commercialise patents the following ways-

Innovation is present everywhere, from the R&D department to operations and manufacturing. We identify novel, innovative ideas from your organisation and extract patentable technologies from them. Such patentable technologies are then used to create an Intellectual Property Portfolio for the organisation. This service has the following components-

Prior Art Reporting - It serves the purpose of identifying the novelty (newness) of an invention (either a product or a process) all over the world. Prior art search helps the inventor to see the differences between their invention and other inventions that already exist the world over. This search is conducted for patents and technical publications.

Technical Patent Drafting (including suggested claims) - This involves creating a patent draft covering all the technical information about the invention, including the drawings. The advantages of creating a technical draft is that, it makes the patent application strong in technical terms and it is written in a format recognized by patent lawyers.

Creating and Updating database - The IP portfolio created by a client is systematically maintained in the form of a database. A backup is always kept handy to avoid loss of any vital information.

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