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Intellectual Property Rights

In a fast changing global environment where the potential wielded by Intellectual Property (IP) is being gradually recognized, Sanshadow Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (SSCPL) has been working tirelessly since 2004 to raise the level of IP awareness in India. SSCPL is an IPR consultancy services company that provides end to end IP services right from patent portfolio creation to their commercialization. Constantly setting benchmarks in the Indian IP services sector, Sanshadow provides a whole range of quality IP services at extremely competitive rates.

Sanshadow's Expertise lies in extracting patents and helping Companies and Universities creating an IP portfolio. Sanshadow works like an outsourced IPR Cell and supports all IP activities of the Organisation. Some of our services include:

  1. Patent Awareness programmes
  2. IP Watch – a unique alert service that tracks worldwide developments in the clients specific technological area,
  3. Preliminary Review of Inventions – a preliminary feedback on the patentability of an invention in a particular jurisdiction with a turn-around time of 12 hours,
  4. Novelty Search Report for prior art in specific jurisdiction,
  5. Technical Patent Drafting (including suggested claims)
  6. Patent and Copyright filing
  7. Creating and Updating IP databases
  8. Giving technical support for hearings at the patent office.

In addition to this, we have helped our customers formulate effective IP Policies, have run IP Audits for them. We have created Strategic IP reports for our clients to support their long-term decision making. These include

  1. Product Analysis Report on the construction functionality and physics behind the product,
  2. Infringement Validation Report of the product versus live patent in relevant jurisdiction and
  3. Comprehensive Report on the Invalidation/ Workaround of the Patent.

Sanshadow Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is neither a KPO nor a lawyers’ group. Supported largely by technically qualified Indian women, technological expertise is Sanshadow’s strength. Sanshadow is able to intervene in the R&D process and interact closely with the inventor/ scientist of the client company to identify patentable technologies with emphasis on technologies suitable for India, provide advice on how best to modify new technologies so that they become patentable and commercially viable in India, provide technical support for patent work-around and revocation to companies under infringement threat based on old databases, books etc. available in ancient India in addition to other sources and provide strategic input on how to best monetize IP/ technology in India.

SSCPL is the only company that has been funded by the Indian Angel Network in 2006 and is the first company to start commercialization of the technologies for its clients. We have recently closed a commercialization deal for a technology in the Clean sector of the order of USD 1 Million.








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